Another new story on Literotica. Also, a newish story “Barge” is posted here (on the blog)

Newly published for Literotica’s “nude day” contest, an entry about a nude 5k.

Also, a little while back (I didn’t blog about it) I published “Barge” to this personal blog as well.

Also new, a “Drafts” page for works in progress.  I’m seeking out proofreaders, beta-readers, even editors, to see if I can actually publish a story with no typos or mistakes.  It hasn’t happened yet, but if you’d like too (that was a joke, see?  “too” instead of “to”?  Funny, right?) volunteer, please visit the DRAFTS page, and add any comments you’d like.  (My current draft effort is on the Drafts page.) Thanks!


New story posted, new entry over at Liter0tica

I suppose I’m back on Liter0tica?  I entered a story in their “summer lovin'” contest.  Wish me luck!  (I always thought “nude day” contest was so silly and unrealistic, I never bothered. But multiple women wanting group anal sex, yeah, THAT’S realistic!  🙂

New story, and general updates

So I’m not a prolific poster or author, am I?  I did get a little tired of writing for a while there, but I have a new story, just published (“Barge”, see the stories menu) that’s been in the pipeline for about six months.  And actually, another should be coming soon too!

For general updates:  As far as Sexstories.c0m, my review is that as an author, I’m not so sure about it as a site to do my publishing to.  Quite often, they go weeks between posting stories, which is a bit concerning.

But, it is ad-free, pop-up free, and text based, so it’s still a nice site from a reader’s perspective.  So, whatever my reviews may be as a writer, it’s great for readers.

And apparently, literotica.c0m has survived my boycott with respect to posting my stories.  I’m having trouble believing they survived me pulling my stories!  😉  (that’s a joke, of course).  I may go back to posting there, we’ll see.  Time has tempered my level of annoyance with them.

Sex changes? No, just fixing typos

I’m gradually editing each of my already posted stories, to find all the little mistakes and typos I’ve missed in my stories and fix them.  My most amusing was a sentence about a wife, and saying “himself”.  It was like that for months, and none of you told me!

I’ve mostly caught the mistakes in “Anal retentive couple” and “What am I going to do with her”, although I know for a fact there is one I meant to fix, but now I don’t remember what it was.  If you spot one, please leave a comment.

It’s tough, editing your own writing.  Probably the most carefully proofed story I have is “Mrs. Isaacs”, ironically because I came close to finding a person to help edit and proofread, so in preparation, I edited and proofread that one more than any other story I’ve written so far.  The volunteer editor fell through, but in the end, it was a good writing exercise for me, since that story has by far the fewest little mistakes of all my stories.

Anyway, if you spot a mistake, let me know through a comment, and I’ll fix it.  If you want your commented deleted after I fix the error you help me find, say “and you can delete this comment” as part of your post.  Otherwise, I’ll post a thank you and leave your comment up for posterity.

I finally started also posting my stories to sexstories (dotcom).

I finally got around to posting a few of my stories to sexstories(dotcom).  I’m proud to say that the first two are in the “Top rated stories in the past 30 days” category, one of them has spent most of yesterday and today in the number 2 spot.  Briefly yesterday (for about five minutes while I was watching) it was number 1, but I’m being outdone, so I suppose number 2 isn’t bad.    I didn’t post anything that isn’t already posted here though, but feel free to visit.  The other story posted as of now is also nearish the top of the list, about the top ten.  (One addictive thing about watching the top rated list (if you’re an author), the order switches constantly in real time).  My screen-name there is also J2Two.

Review of Sexstories: I like it.  It has lots of stories and lots of readers.  The way the read-counter works is a little different, I think every click counts as a read, even if the person only spends a second before clicking the back key, so it’s really (in my opinion) a “click count”, not a “read count”.  It’s affiliated with of a porn site (XNXX), but exists as a completely separate site, and is banner ad free.   It’s a shade or two raunchier than Literotica, but hey, it’s an adult site.  It’s supposed to be raunchy, right?

Next up: I’m going to make edits and corrections to a few of my existing stories here. There were a few annoying typos, and even plot flaws hidden away here and there, and they need to go.   That’s my next assignment.  And a new story in the works as well.

Finally posted my stories – (as pages under the STORIES menu, not as blog posts)

Ok, finally got around to posting my erotic stories.  Please click here or (same destination), or use the STORIES main menu at the top of the page.

My stories will always have their own dedicated page under the STORIES menu, rather than appearing within the text of my blog posts, which will mainly consist of me rambling on about something.  There will usually be a link to the latest story or to the stories page, though.  As mentioned above, click

As a reminder, all pages on this blog and site contain erotica in the form of erotic fiction, which of course is adult content.  I have told WordPress about this, but I’m not sure that they have labeled the site as an adult content site yet.  Please proceed no further, if you don’t want adult content.

Hair too right (Here to Write) – Anonymously publishing erotica, starting… Now!

This is the super-secret blog of a discreet erotica author.  For obvious reasons, I remain mostly nameless, but I will publish my stories here first, followed by posting to some of the well known erotica sites, including sexstories.c0m and others.  Arguably the most well known erotica site is literotica.c0m, but I no longer post my stories there.

I don’t expect to blog all that much, but when I do, be warned:  My blogs (but not my stories) will be filled with smilies because like them or not, they aid communication, and my blog (and perhaps some of my stories) will be filled with jokes that are mostly corny, but I bet I make you laugh now and then.